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Pride: Why We Celebrate and Why We Fight

Curious why my chosen family and I post pictures with rainbows all month? Because it’s PRIDE! Pride comes from the years of building up the courage to tell your family who you really are. It is then having conversations a second time, and a third. It is “coming out” over and over


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A Personal Take On The Health Care Battle

Coverage, access and non-discrimination protections matter. Before 2014, I was the archetypal young invincible – abandoning my traditional career path in favor of entrepreneurship, and often without health insurance. My decision to get (or keep) health coverage (or not) was a function of ho


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An Open Letter To My Midwestern Republican (An...

I know that we don’t always agree on politics, but I also know that you have always been open-minded and supportive of my personal and professional civic and political work.  So, I am hoping for some real talk... As the 2016 election approaches, I need to know that you are with me. I could


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